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  We are Musicians, Photographers: Graphic Designers,  and Artists, originally from South Africa. 

  My English and Art teacher at Pretoria Boys High was the late great Walter Battiss.. Our English class spent most of the time on the 'KOPPIE'S..We connected my Vox AC 30 amplifier.. I played guitar and we all sang the current Hit songs.. My brother Robert Schroder has collected/purchased many of Walter's fantastic Sketches and paintings..Awesome times..Did not learn too much about anything else except ART. and voyaged on the aesthetic wavelength..!!


  Our artists have degrees in the following fields of photography, graphic design and music. 


   Winning numerous awards throughout the community and world in photography.  SARIE Awards for lyrics and producing were achieved in South Africa.

  Follow our blog with tips on photography, writing lyrics, and other arts.


                       --Ernest Schröder

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