Faceless Society

by:  Susan Geyer-Schröder


Living in a society that is faceless

Not knowing other people's faces

Lacking in grace

Full of disgrace

Criminals setting a pace

In the race

Hiding their face

Just taking up space


by:  Susan Geyer-Schröder


Stress is not our dress

Causing us distress

Don't reach for a substance

Struggling to keep our distance

Inner struggles loosing our strings

Making a ring

Noisy bells singing in your head

Don't let this be your last breath.


by:  Susan Geyer-Schröder








Rain Drops

by:  Susan Geyer-Schröder


Mother natures' glass ball

Shimmering the hall

Making list

Where is the mist

Hidden in the trees

Just wanting to be free.

Water Falls

by:  Susan Geyer-Schröder


Droplets of water falling not stalling

Faster and faster

Trying to become the master

Filling the pool below

Trying to stop the fool

who put in the waste

effecting the water's taste

for the fish eventually killing all life.


by:  Susan Geyer-Schröder


Pencil, Pen, Brush

My head is in a rush.

Designing, drawing, printing,

deadlines, and sprinting

to finish the projects at hand

designs that will take a stand.